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St Teresa’s School

St Teresa’s

Catholic Independent School and Pre-School
for Children aged 3-11

Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire HP27 0JW
Tel: 01844 345005 Email:


small giants

As a parent you will rightly be looking for the best for your child or children, and we know you will be diligently visiting many of the schools in the area.  We also know that inevitably you will be comparing us with schools that have acres of sports pitches, drama studios and NASA level science labs.

We don't have facilities quite on this scale, but our children continually prove they don't actually need them to succeed.  Each year our boys and girls, from Pre-School to Year Six, show they are capable of achievements way beyond their years.  They continue to teach us that size has no correlation with strength, performance or success.  

We have a history of academic success in the Transfer Test and Independent School Entrance examinations into secondary schools.  Our children's results on national tests are above average.  This is all the more impressive when you consider we are a non-selective school.  Our passionate and highly skilled teachers are committed to finding each child's strengths and developing then to their fullest potential.

Children learn best when they are actively involved and enjoying school. Through our curriculum we aim to plan and provide many exciting learning experiences and opportunities through daily teaching, visitors and trips and visits locally and further afield.  To experience the best of St Teresa’s, you need to come to the school and soak up the atmosphere!  When you visit our school we are sure you will notice the happy and busy working environment and the enthusiastic participation of our children, which we think reflects the aims and values of the school.

Your children have an abundance of talents and gifts that can make you laugh, bring you to tears, applaud until your hands are sore or shout from the touchline.  Every child at St Teresa's gets the opportunity to experience that kind of support and camaraderie, academically musically, physically and artistically.

We welcome all families, Catholic and those of other faiths or none, and have a straight forward admissions process, which our Admissions Coordinator will be happy to explain, and we currently have bursaries available.

Kind Regards

Mrs Jane Draper and Mrs Yasmin Roberts

Joint Head Teachers