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St Teresa’s School

St Teresa’s

Catholic Independent School and Pre-School
for Children aged 3-11

Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire HP27 0JW
Tel: 01844 345005 Email:

Wraparound Care

Wraparound is based in the Dining Hall and runs from 7:45am until 8:20am, when the rest of the school arrive. Afternoon Wraparound runs from 3.30pm until 6:00pm Monday to Thursday and 3.30pm until 5.00pm on Friday. Monday to Thursday a light tea is provided for those staying beyond 5.00pm.

In the afternoons Key Stage One arrive and hang up their blazers, bags etc. and can then choose what they would like to do or what they want to play with.  Key Stage Two arrive and hang up their things.  Toys and various activities, including crafts and games, are set up ready for the children when they arrive.

Once everyone on the register is accounted for, all the children will go to wash their hands and come back for snack. Snack is pre-prepared and usually fruit and/or crackers.

Once all the children have finished their snack, Key Stage Two will collect their bags and line up to go with one member of Wraparound staff to do their homework. Key Stage One either stay and play in the Dining Hall or quite often outside in the playground.  

Homework Club is in Year One or Two classroom and the adult present is there to supervise the children to do their homework independently. If no specific homework is set, then children are encouraged to do spellings, times table practice and reading.  Once they have completed their homework, they can then join the other children until they are collected.

Those staying for tea, wash their hands and eat between 5:00pm and 5:15pm. This is a light tea and not a big dinner – something to tide them over until tea time.

Children can be collected earlier than the time stated on the form by phoning our mobile number.

To ensure the safety of the children and correct ratios, the maximum number of Pre-school children in any session cannot exceed four.  Wraparound will usually only be offered to children in Pre-school in their final year and are rising four.

Please ask the office if you have any further questions.