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St Teresa’s School

St Teresa’s

Catholic Independent School and Pre-School
for Children aged 3-11

Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire HP27 0JW
Tel: 01844 345005 Email:

Mrs Bulmer's Class


Our Year Four class teacher is Mrs Bulmer.

Year Four at St Teresa’s has some very exciting learning opportunities! Pupils study a range of Imaginative Learning Projects: ‘1066’, 'Misty Mountain Sierra', ‘Potions', ‘Road Trip USA!’, and ‘Blue Abyss’.

Advent 1

‘1066’ transports pupils back to the time of the Norman Conquest – who will become King after Edward the Confessor dies? Pupils create job applications and write persuasive letters to try and persuade Edward that they should be his heir. Pupils develop their historical skills through this topic, creating timelines and remembering the rulers of the period. This is all brought to life with our Normans Day in school, where children are able to participate in Norman activities such as jousting, archery and bread making, as well as meeting and learning about some birds of prey, which were used for hunting.

Advent 2

'Misty Mountain Sierra' will see the pupils exploring the local landscape and composing shape poems, writing information and explanation texts. They will learn to use Ordnance Survey maps and atlases, including the topographical features of an area. Will they be able to plan a safe and environmentally aware journey to the top of the mountain?

Lent 1

‘Potions’ enables the pupils to learn and apply their knowledge of the states of matter in this topic. They write instructions for making potions, create labels, and write non-chronological reports – all whilst learning about medicine through the ages. Can they create a new wonder potion during their Mad Science workshop? Perhaps they will borrow some ideas from George’s Marvelous Medicine?

Lent 2

‘Road Trip USA!’ enables the children to explore North and South America, honing their geographical skills, creating and reading maps. In English, they write and send emails, explore and write itineraries for their own trip! Children learn all about the Aztecs, Incans and the Mayans (including a mouthwatering trip to Cadbury World) and the Native American Tribes such as the Iroquois. Pupils apply their creative writing skills to write their own Native American myth, after reading about a ‘real' Indian in The Indian in the Cupboard.


‘Blue Abyss’ takes the pupils down 20,000 Leagues under the Sea, where they explore environmental issues in geography, tackling the issues through the use of persuasive writing and dilemma stories. Pupils learn all about living creatures and their habitats, as well as studying 19th century ocean exploration in history.

In mathematics throughout the year, pupils challenge themselves through the hit the button challenge on, and explore problem solving with NRICH on They are also able to use MyMaths, where homework is sometimes set:

For details about the grammar and punctuation taught in each year group, including explanations of relevant terminology, do click here to take a look at the Oxford Owl website. 

Please see attachments below for further information about the class, and information relating to homework projects.