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Online safety

Keeping children and young people safe online is one of the biggest challenges facing society today and it is all of our responsibility to ensure that children are educated to make positive, informed choices when they are online.

Please find St Teresa's online safety guide for parents below, along with links to websites that offer a wealth of information and advice.

National Online Safety is a superb source of up-to-date information.  We would recommend you subscribe to their ‘wake-up-Wednesday’, where they will send you guides which focus on specific platforms or risks which they believe trusted adults should be aware of.  It is important that we stay informed about the latest crazes which our children are following, and this email subscription service does just that.

Further recommended websites

Books about Internet safety, that help start conversations with your children 

  • Chicken Clicking by Jeanne Willis
  • Troll Stinks by Jeanne Willis
  • Staying Safe Online by Louie Stowell
  • Once Upon a Time Online by David Bedford

If you have any questions or concerns about online safety, do not hesitate to speak to your child's class teacher.  

Keeping Children Safe in the 21st Century

We held a session run by PC Brigginshaw on how we can all do our best to keep safe when using the internet and social media.  Did you realise that once you post a photograph on Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram it belongs to them, to sell or use elsewhere, and they do?  Also that unless you turn off location settings, the GPS of the photograph will mean that you or your child’s location can be traced?  Did you know that from the age of ten a child can be arrested for having indecent images on their phone? 

The most important message was to be open, honest and talk to your children about what they are doing online.  If you, or your children, have any accounts such as the ones above, set up all the privacy settings together and check them regularly.  But be aware that if one ‘friend’ does not have the same privacy settings, then your profile is no longer private either.

He recommended some websites for further information, videos to share with the children and a site to check the age restrictions on certain sites – for example has a minimum age of 13.  I would suggest you explore these websites yourself, find content that you are comfortable to share with your child, and then spend some time viewing and discussing it together.  Internet safety is something we cover in our IT curriculum and we have visiting speakers for the children regularly. However it is really important that they feel this is an issue that they can talk about at home too.