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St Teresa’s School

St Teresa’s

Catholic Independent School and Pre-School
for Children aged 3-11

Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire HP27 0JW
Tel: 01844 345005 Email:


Learning Support and Enrichment


It is in the nature of learning, that at times children will need support to reach their full potential; this could be academically, emotionally or socially.

We work closely with parents and teaching staff in order to identify and support learners in the four key areas of SEN; cognition and learning; social, emotional and mental health difficulties; communication and interaction as well as sensory needs. 

The Learning Support team is experienced and fully qualified, working with current practice to support all learner’s needs.

We pride ourselves on our pastoral care, helping the children to realise their full potential by developing their strengths and understanding, and using strategies to overcome, their areas of weakness. Building confidence, resilience and self-awareness lies at the heart of all we do.

We provide training for all staff, including teachers and teaching assistants, to develop both an understanding of specific learning difficulties and strategies to support children within the school.

If required, we will provide 1-1 Additional Tuition lessons at a reasonable rate, where a trained and experienced member of staff will work with the child on a specialised programme, often using multi-sensory methods, to target the areas of need. The programmes and progress are both reviewed regularly with parents. We also work with a range of outside specialists such as Educational Psychologists, Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists, where appropriate and in consultation with parents.

We have a number of interventions, in the form of groups and clubs, which support the children. These are often ‘preventative’ in nature and children take part for a short time to help them with a specific concern that has been identified.  These include:

  • Booster sessions for literacy and mathematics, following specific programmes
  • Precision monitoring
  • Discussion groups to support children who find social interaction more challenging
  • Mindfulness club – an optional drop in session, available to all children
  • Touch typing club
  • Occupational Therapy styled exercises and movement breaks embedded in the regular day
  • Specific handwriting focus
  • Logical Games Club to develop lateral thinking skills
  • Weekly problem solving groups

Differentiated teaching methods are used within the classroom to ensure that all children are supported, challenged and stimulated to enable them to reach their potential. The children are not only challenged academically, but also in the sport, music, drama, information technology, art and design technology.