Welcome to St Teresa's 

St Teresa's is a happy and successful school with a clear sense of purpose and identity.  Our children have great enthusiasm for life and learning, and wonderful opportunities to flourish as individuals in a safe and supportive environment.  It is our responsibility and privilege to work with children and parents to further our success and ensure bright futures for all.  We look forward to welcoming you to our community.

Finding Individual Character

St Teresa's children learn to find and express their own characters.  Independence and individuality are encouraged from the nursery onwards, and we provide the best opportunities for growth and personal development at every stage of school life.  Our pupils learn to face challenges with tenacity, courage, common sense and support for each other.  They also learn to take risks as they grow in confidence and self-esteem meeting attainable goals in a current 'Sunday Times Top 100 school'.

Open Morning -  Saturday 8th November 2014 10am-12 noon
Click here for The ISI Inspection Report 2013
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    Latest News

    • St Teresa's School 51st in the "Sunday Times Top 100 Prep Schools" - we are top Co-educational Prep School in Buckinghamshire

      Read more about St Teresa's fantastic sporting achievements

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    St Teresa's Catholic School
    Aylesbury Road
    Princes Risborough
    HP27 0JW

    Telephone: 01844 345005
    Fax: 01844 345131